Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 9 "25 Days of Diana"

Saturday, December 9th was the Machine Knitting Guild of the San Francisco Bay Area's monthly meeting.  It's about an hour and half away from my house, but well worth the journey once a month.  There were 4 of us all together that carpooled.

Today's meeting was a fashion show of machine knit fashions, a catered luncheon and show and tell.  For the first time since I started machine knitting I really felt like I could do these items that were being shown in the fashion show.  Having a ribber has really opened up a whole new world of knitting options.  Though I don't use it for everything probably only half of what I've been doing lately.  I have it and it's not a worry.  I didn't realize how much I worried about not having a ribber up and working.

What was I worried about?  I guess not being a complete machine knitter.  Not that I'm any where near being one, but the possibilities are there now.

Today's Diana project was merely just showing off my Tam done with Diana's video.  It was a big hit.  Once again I was giving out the location of Diana's blog.  I tell them to google "Diana natters on" and they'll go right to it.  Honestly, I should print out some business cards with her name and address on them.  Every meeting I'm asked where I got the patterns I use and most of the time they are Diana's.  I'm only too happy to report to them about this great resource.

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