Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Tools

When I'm using my tools I move the set I want standard or bulky and snap the 3 tiers so it's on the top.
I keep it sitting on a little box I'm using as a make shift table.  It's the perfect height for me to reach the tools and yet they are out of the way of the carriage when it's moving.
The bottom is basically miscellaneous items I use and items I seldom use.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pool The Tools

This is my new game plan after talking to fellow experienced machine knitters.  I got confused, because I have a knitting machine that has no tools.  Yet I also own that same machine with complete tools.  One is my home machine set up with a ribber.  The other I bought to travel to machine knitting meetings.  I often show up forgetting that it has no tools with it.  Then I can't really use it with no tools.  Fellow knitters are very generous and will lend me tools, but I hate bothering them.  So, I started thinking I'd buy tools for it.  Yet I have a complete set of tools for it at home.  Why buy another set?  "Does not compute, does not compute" would often go on in my brain.

I started taking a poll and talking to fellow machine knitters about how they handled their tools.  What I found out is more knitters than not keep their tools in a tool kit rather than keeping a set with each machine.  This idea kind of bothered me too.  I was worried about loosing the tools I have with each machine.  YET the idea of pooling the tools kept coming up.  I decided to give it a go.  I wanted a tool box where I could have an area for standard tools and and area for the bulky tools.  I didn't want to mix them.  I also needed a tool kit that wouldn't be too heavy to carry.  I also told myself I'd use a Sharpie to label the tools with which machine they go to in case I want to put them all back.

I found the above organizer at Target.  It has three levels and is a very good size for the tools.  I labeled the tools and put them into it.  I carried it to my first meeting.  It worked out great.  It wasn't too heavy.  What I found out later was it works great at home.  More than great really.  I'm very clumsy with my tools when I'm working.  I put them onto the lid of the knitting machine as it sits behind the machine on the stand.  Problem is I don't put them down in the same spot.  They get under the yarn.  Under the pattern.  Who knows where they go sometimes.  I spend more times looking for tools than knitting.  Well, at least it feels like that.  With this new organizer I use tools out of it and place them back into it.  I only have to look in a 6"X 9" area.  It's been such a relief to find my tools when I'm concentrating on a machine knitting project.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter Egg Dyeing A Sock

I would love to give this a try.  This video follows a sock blank through the dyeing process to an actual sock.  Several interesting machines used that I would love to have.