Friday, October 28, 2011

Working on a Kooky Hat

I saw this kooky hat on Ravelry and thought I just have to make one, because it looks so fun.  Will anyone actually wear it?  I don't know.

The instructions begin with the headband.  Mine per the instructions came out very tiny.  I'm not sure a newborn could put this on.  I'm not discouraged.  The yarn asked for was really too big for my standard gauge machine.  It knitted fine, but was difficult to pull the carriage back and forth.  Just doing the head band made me realize I needed smaller yarn or I needed to move to my bulky.  After consulting with my machine knitting mentors I'm moving to the bulky.

I just thought the headband looked so cool!  It is one strip with eyelets about every 18 rows.  The 2nd strip is knit plain.  Then you weave one into the other through the eyelets.  I knew it was a bust, but I was just tickled at how wonderful it looked.  My mind was full with the creative possibilities.

A completed hat can be viewed on Ravelry at "Look at this crazy"  I'm still working on mine.  I'm hoping one of my teens will wear it skiing this December.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Made Another Baby Blanket

Blanket done awaiting the edging.

It's Diana's Swirl Baby Blanket.  I use the videos to jog my memory when making it.  She also has printed instructions on how to make one too.

Blanket done edges lightly steamed.
 I made this on my Toyota KS650 Bulky machine.  Wedges end up being 60 stitches wide.  Then make 10 wedges.
I used Bernat Softee Baby yarn in blue and lilac.

I'm always surprised how easily made it is and how impressive this blanket looks when done.

Left the room to get my camera and look who thought they were the baby?