Saturday, December 29, 2012

Machine Knitting Inspiration in Hong Kong

The winter weather right now in Hong Kong is like pre-fall weather in California.  I almost want to wear shorts.  The native people though are wearing coats, sweaters and scarves.  I wish I could join them, but I'd be too hot.  So, I've been enjoying seeing the different fashions and some stand out to me.

I saw this sweater/dress? for sale and loved the detail of how the pocket was formed.  Took a picture to remind me when I get home to give it a try.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

"" is No Bueno!

I get quite a few commenters asking for help or a pattern, but their account is not connected to an email address.  The best I can do is comment back to my blog post in hopes that some day you'll reread it and answer me back with an email address.

So, please add an address to your google account or your blogger account.  This way with a click of a button I can answer you.

I'm really not ignoring anyone I just have no way of getting a hold of you.