Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Working With Charts

This skill hasn't been one I've put a lot of time in on as it really confuses me.  Working today with my machine knitting friends we figured out how to read a chart in Mary Anne Oger's new book "The Handbook For Manual Machine Knitters" for the leaf pattern.

The very first symbol made no sense to me, but Ellen knew exactly what to do.  She showed me and I was off.  Following the chart and the list for the symbols.  Next it was Ellen's turn to get stuck and I knew what to do.  I told her we needed to work the bottom of the chart from the outside in and the top of the chart from the inside out.  I hope I've got this figured out.

Our swatches looked wonderful.  Ellen did a one leaf swatch and I did a 3 leaf swatch.  When practicing something I like to do it more than once to get it locked into my brain.

It was a fun day knitting.  I look forward to putting this leaf pattern on a project.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Dragon Scale Mitts by Machine

I thought I could do it on my knitting machine despite many telling me I couldn't!  I've been hand knitting Dragon Scale mitts and wondered if I could do it on my machine.  My first attempts the scales were hung in the wrong place and wrong direction.

When I had an experienced machine knitter in my house like Richard Smith I thought I needed to pick his brain.  He had great insight into looking for the obvious.  This made me quit simplifying the method and quit over complicating it too.  Once I could see how the scale should be placed in the knitting it was a breeze.  I made the sample wristlet for an example. 

Next experiment will be to time myself hand knitting one and see if doing it on the machine is truly a time saver.  I've done so many of these by hand they go pretty fast.

First swatch with proper placement of scales.