Friday, February 24, 2017

Dragon Scale Mitts by Machine

I thought I could do it on my knitting machine despite many telling me I couldn't!  I've been hand knitting Dragon Scale mitts and wondered if I could do it on my machine.  My first attempts the scales were hung in the wrong place and wrong direction.

When I had an experienced machine knitter in my house like Richard Smith I thought I needed to pick his brain.  He had great insight into looking for the obvious.  This made me quit simplifying the method and quit over complicating it too.  Once I could see how the scale should be placed in the knitting it was a breeze.  I made the sample wristlet for an example. 

Next experiment will be to time myself hand knitting one and see if doing it on the machine is truly a time saver.  I've done so many of these by hand they go pretty fast.

First swatch with proper placement of scales.


  1. Wonderful! I too make dragon scale mitts by hand and have been wondering if I could make them with my knitting machine. (see )

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