Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Tools

When I'm using my tools I move the set I want standard or bulky and snap the 3 tiers so it's on the top.
I keep it sitting on a little box I'm using as a make shift table.  It's the perfect height for me to reach the tools and yet they are out of the way of the carriage when it's moving.
The bottom is basically miscellaneous items I use and items I seldom use.


  1. That is a neat little tool box. I keep meaning to do something like that but have never gotten to it. I have 2 big wooden tool boxes that are much too big to lug around, but very nice. I have 3 standard gauge machines that all have their own tools, & I am constantly borrowing tools from one machine or the other when I misplace a tool. Having a box with all the tools needed in it sounds like a suoer idea. Then, I could carry the tools from one machine to the other without losing them all the time.

  2. Both you and Sheryl Evans sound so organized. I just have one machine up and both bulky and standard tools are all at the back of it. Hmm! Time to get some order back there, I think!

    Your box sounds like just the thing for the job!

  3. It's imparative to be organized when you're knitting, otherwise you end up spending more time looking for things.

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