Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 13 "25 Days of Diana"

The reason I got my bulky and ribber up and working yesterday was I wanted to try Diana's Warm Ribbed Scarf video.  It is supposed to be Fisherman's Rib.  I'm not exactly sure I understand what it is.  She said in her Fisherman's Rib ribber lesson that it is Double English rib.  My books do talk about English rib.  Diana is working on I believe a Brother knitting machine.  I have a Studio and a Toyota, which have different buttons and levers.  Most of the time with her explanations I can figure out how it applies to my machine.  Sometimes I even pull out the manuals to compare.  This lesson was a little above my head.  Or maybe I'm just foggy with what still feels like a cold coming on.

I was able to get the above done and it was looking really nice.  It turned into a swatch when I realized there was a problem.  My cast-on comb got hung up on the legs of my knitting machine and therefore the weight wasn't pulling down on the yarn like it should.  This obviously caused a stitch to drop.  I had reached under the ribber to see why my yarn was bunching up and realized the comb was caught.  I pulled it and the scarf down and could feel the run.  I probably caused the run not knowing a stitch had dropped.

Oh well, I learned a couple of things today.  Check to make sure your comb doesn't get hung up.  Cast-on comb is very sharp if you drop it and catch it in mid air.  (No blood, but sure felt like there should be some.)  Homespun is kind of persnickety, but worth the extra effort.

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  1. You do fisherman's rib by tucking in one direction on the main bed and the opposite direction on the ribber. For the ribber on a studio machine, put one of the slides on 0 and the other on 1 and make sure the bottom switch is set to tuck (thats the opposite of where it's set for casting on). The side with 0 will tuck. On the main bed, set your carriage to tuck and one side lever to the dot and the other to triangle. The direction with the dot will tuck so make sure it's opposite the side you have the ribber set to tuck.