Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 16 "25 Days of Diana"

What a rigmarole!  I started my 2nd Fisherman's Rib scarf using Diana's video when some how I dropped a couple stitches on the ribber.  Moving the carriage out of the way I dropped a couple more.  My first thought... I'm going to have to unravel this whole thing.  My 2nd thought.... what would it hurt to try and pick up the stitches.  Well, I couldn't grab them.  Some had unraveled a bit.  Undeterred I continued on.  I began unraveling slowly myself to see if I could see the pattern and fix things.  Then I realized I could drop the ribber quite a bit to get a good look without disturbing things too much.  After unraveling about 6 rows I figured out the stitch pattern and got all stitches back to their rightful needles.  What this scarf is going to look like right there .... I don't know.  I'm putting a stitch marker in that spot.  When it drops below the ribber I'll be able to judge whether I'm unraveling the whole thing and starting over or continuing on.... tomorrow that is.   I'm putting my sicky self to bed.

Here's what I have so far...
I'm using Angel Hair Stripes by Sensation purchased at Joanns.

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