Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 6 "25 Days of Diana"

Today I decided to make Diana's adorable Short-Rowed Baby Hat.  Mine came out equally adorable.  It's really good practice for short rowing.  I'll need that talent for my sock DVD when it shows up.  :)

The 10 wedges were easy to do.  Things I had problems with were my yarn mast and making sure the weights got moved.  My yarn mast I think is having tensioning problems on the left side.  It kept tightening up the yarn, getting tangled and generally making me say "What the f*#@" toward the end of the 10 wedges.  Every time I looked up it found a new way to get tangled and intertwined upon itself.  I made it through though and the adorableness of the way the yarn patterned made me very happy.
After I hung the hat to start the hat band I threaded the yarn through the right side of the mast.  No problems with tensioning there.  I'll definitely be looking into what's going on with the left side.

I don't have a lace carriage for my Studio 700.  I don't even know if it comes with one.  Something to look into.  I did my picot edge the old fashion way with a transfer tool.  Moving every other stitch to the needle beside it.  The picot edging is so simple and yet looks so nice.
I was so excited to finish this hat tonight seeing how cute it was turning out. I started around 8pm and finished around 11pm. I'm hoping to do it quite a bit faster when I'm not fighting my yarn mast.


  1. I am really enjoying following your 25 days of Diana. I hope you keep it up. I own a singer 700 and you can indeed get a lace carriage for it. I love mine. It makes beautiful lace and so quickly. As with all machine knitting equipment, there is a steep learning curve and a few times I wanted to throw the carriage out in the trash. But, one day it just came together and now I do lace all the time.

  2. That is so sweet and cute. The colours are beautiful - are they all on the same self patterning yarn?
    I stand when I knit. I nearly lost my eye and also my glasses one day to the yarn mast. Then I got a ribber and had to turn the yarn mast back to front - problem solved!
    The triangle to feed the yarn through is easy to manipulate to the back of the mast when you reverse the mast itself.
    Hope this helps you, because to keep getting your hair tangled in the mast is very distracting and painful.

  3. I haven't gotten my hair tangled...yet. The tension plate on the left isn't tensioning properly.

  4. I wish I had babies and kids to make clothes. It is just me. A lovely hat and the design is pretty. A lot easier than setting up the machine.