Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 23 "25 Days of Diana"

Well, my daughter got out of school for winter break and all my time got sucked up into Christmas festivities.

One fortunately involved machine knitting.  My daughter and her best friend were invited to go on a skiing trip.  First thing *Neighbor said to my daughter was, "We should make matching hats!!"  Then she turns to me, "Neighbor, can we make matching hats?"  I said sure lets go get some yarn.  I love that they think they can knit at a moments notice.  In this day and age of computers and cell phones I really enjoy getting them into something like machine knitting.

They decided to make the hats match, but have their own unique stripe.  Again we learned threading up the machine, weaving cast-on, hanging a hem, taking knitted fabric off on a double eyed needle, and mattress stitch.

After all was said and done they had 2 hats that they truly loved.  2 hats they had made themselves.

I made them smile sweetly for this picture.

Originally, they were smiling like this.

*Affectionate nickname that my daughter and her friend call each other and all of us seeing as we are neighbors.

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