Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 20 "25 Days of Diana"

The project I'm working on stemmed from my learning how to circular knit with Diana's video.  The videos I've found have given me the confidence to try new things.  Since Diana knits with a Brother machine I sometimes need to consult my Studio and Toyota manuals to figure out which levers need to be moved on my machines.  To do circular knitting on my Toyota KS 650 and ribber I needed to also us my P-carriage.  It's this little plastic thingie that's been hanging around and I finally got to use it.

It was used on my ribber to move my ribber needles to C position before I moved the carriage to the right.  This note was an asterisk in my instructions.  I wondered why something so important was a foot note.  It made all the difference in the world to circular knitting on my machine.

I wanted to circular knit so I could make a hand knit project on my knitting machine.  The project is call a Puff Daddy.  Someone wore one to our December machine knitting meeting.  I just thought it was adorable.  She said it was super easy 16 needles in the round and then 8 needles of i-cord.  Graft the i-cord to the scarf and add a pom pom.

She was SO adorable in this scarf.
Here is my attempt.  Why I picked a really nice yarn to make my first one I don't know.  I don't usually do that, but the excitement got the better of me.

 Here it is in it's rough state.  I took the edge off the ribber on scrap yarn.  I then knitted the remaining 8 stitches in i-cord.  I then took the i-cord off the needles with scrap yarn.  Next step is to kitchener it together and make a pom pom.

 I-cord portion of the Puff Daddy.

The reason why I wish I had used some junky yarn to make my first Puff Daddy (hand knit patter here.)  Loops!  I only have 2 thank goodness, but why o why do I get them.  Is this my curse?  Or do any of you other machine knitters have this problem?  Usually I see the loop and unknit a few rows to fix it.  This was behind the ribber and I didn't see it until it hung out the bottom.  Do I need to keep a small mirror next to my machine and periodically look at the work behind the ribber.  Sometimes the surprise is not a good one when it reveals itself from the bottom of the ribber.

I'm off to Kitchener and make a pom pom.

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