Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 19 "25 Days of Diana"

Today's lesson is circular knitting.  Very confusing for me.  I watched Diana's video on circular knitting.  She uses a Brother machine.  Combining what I learned from Diana and using the manual to my Toyota KS 650 bulky machine I began experimenting with circular knitting.  What I found out was my Toyota manual wasn't that helpful.  I couldn't get circular knitting or tubular knitting as they call it in the book to work.  The knitting would make kind of an i- cord and then fall off the ribber needles.  So aggravating.

After consulting with my machine knitting friend Julia she said she'd take a look at her Studio manual when she got home and call me back.   Since I've found Toyotas and Studios to be very similar in the way they work.  Then I thought ...duh... I have a Studio and it's manual.  I followed the circular knitting instructions in the Studio manual and it was a bit different than the Toyota manual.  I got the Toyota to do circular knitting with the Studio instructions!  Well, sort of.  The Studio manual said to push the end 2 needles into D position for each row. 
What I got was a pocket, but not a tube.  The end 2 needles do stockinette and seal the sides up.  Then I forgot to push the end needles on the ribber up on one row and all the stitches fell off the needles on the ribber.  Time to go to bed and try again tomorrow.

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