Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 12 "25 Days of Diana"

Today's project was to get my bulky machine and ribber working.  I just got them set up less than a month ago.  I bought a new sponge bar for the ribber.  Installed it and there it has sat.  I wiped the working parts of the ribber down with an oily rag.  Everything was moving great.

I did a practice cast on of 1X1 ribbing using Diana's circular cast-on video.  I did a swatch with great success.

Satisfied that the ribber was working I was thrilled with my swatch.  It amazes me that it's so wide on the machine and the ribbing pulls it together off the machine.  Like a little kid I can't help pulling it in and out and enjoying my new found skill.

I didn't do much more than that, because I felt a cold coming on and wanted to go to bed.

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