Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 14 "25 Days of Diana"

I did it!  Fisherman's Rib using Diana's Warm Ribbed Scarf Video!  Last night I wasn't sure I did it.  I wasn't sure how to do it.  Today was the meeting of the Sacramento Machine Knitter's Guild and I talked to one of the more experienced ladies and she set me straight.  I knew from Diana's videos that Fisherman's Rib was Double English Rib.  I was pretty sure slip meant the carriage wasn't knitting.  I knew that the Russell levers could achieve this.  So, I had my terms correct as I asked questions on how to get a Toyota set up for Fisherman's Rib.

After confirming my suspicions I came home to give it another try.  I found out that Homespun or Red Heart's Light and Lofty are just too knobbly for my machine.  Just too much work and too much worry I'm doing the machine some harm.  I dug around in my stash looking for something thick, but not bumpy and I found one of my favorite yarns.  Sensations Angel Hair from Joanns.  Only problem I only had one skein.  I decided that learning Fisherman's Rib would be a great sacrifice for this beautiful yarn.

Once the project started peaking out below the ribber I knew immediately I had gotten it right.  This mini scarf is so thick and luscious I may have to go on the search for more of this yarn.  I don't even know if Joann sells it anymore.  A quick search of the Joanns web site and I found it on sale there.  May have to check out the store tomorrow for a quick fix.

Follow Diana's video instructions.  She has great tips like pull down on the yarn after each row, and put lots of weight on the yarn.  The lighting is not that great to get the true beauty of this project.  You'll just have to do it yourself.

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