Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 7 "25 Days of Diana"

Day 7 was spent with me working on my kitchener stitch.  I used Diana's video specifically about the kitchener stitch.  I also found a little more helpful in that I could see what was going on a little better the Short Rowed Hat video.  At the end of the 2nd video she shows you how to kitchener stitch again.  We all need to find ways that help us learn and I don't know maybe it was the video angle, but it just made more sense to me.

So, I'm stitching up the baby hat and I'm stitching up a pair of slippers I made last December.  Yes, I did say last December.  The first one didn't fit me after I sewed it up.  The 2nd one was a great example displayed with the completed slipper of what the slipper looked like right off the machine.  I just never got around to sewing up the 2nd slipper.  I found out they'll fit my sister-in-law.  Since we don't exchange gifts guess what she'll find in her stocking.

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