Monday, November 8, 2010

Ribber is up and working

I set my Studio 700 up with it's SRP60N ribber back in January. I followed the directions in the book. My ribber would not adjust high enough for the ribber carriage to meet the knitting machine carriage. Not knowing a thing about ribbers I didn't know what to do. I was so frustrated that I just let the whole set up sit.

My friend Julia said there are some adjustments that can be made on the back of the ribber that's not mentioned in the book. She said she'd come over and help me get it up and running. She spent about 1/2 hour getting the ribber adjusted and then we needed to start the teenager machine knitting group. I'll blog on that later.

After all the teenagers left we came back to the ribber. She got it casted on and started knitting 1X1 ribbing. It was very exciting to see the ribber actually working. She then said want to try. I said, "I'm scared." She laughed and got up and said firmly, "Sit down." So, she help walk me through the instructions on how to cast on the ribber. She gave me tips on what to look for, what should be knitting and what tensions work well.  I made my first strip of 1X1 ribbing!

Then I promptly lost my comb wire. The comb and wire fell behind my machine onto floor between practice strips. Nothing tricky. Wire completely gone. Julia then gave me a tip to always put the wire back in the comb when not in use. Hopefully tomorrow when the sun is out I'll be able to find my wire. Where could it have possibly gone in a  3X4 foot square area?

Side Note:  3 months later and I have FOUND my ribber wire.  It has slid down along side the knitting machine lid held on the stand in the back.  It balanced nicely between the 2 arms that hold the lid totally camouflaged.

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  1. Where do you find how to adjust the ribber carriage? I am having the same problem!