Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 2 "25 Days of Diana"

In keeping with my new rule that I don't have to complete a Diana project every day.  I just need to work on a Diana project every day I started another Tam.  When DH came back to my craft room and asked if I wanted to watch a movie with him I didn't grit my teeth and say, "No!  I have to finish this hat!"... like I did last night.

Today is nothing fancy.  I'm making another Tam, but I've loosened up the tension.  My first hat the Tam seemed a bit on the small size.  The knitted fabric was so tight I could barely get a weight hung on it.  This time the weights push on nicely.  My daughter and I thought it should have a bit more slouch to it.

I told her she could do better, because this picture looked like an Irish mug shot.

That made her smile.

Pictures tomorrow of the looser tension Tam.


  1. I love the colours of your hat! I'm about to make one for my trendy, 12 year old niece, and I do want it slouchy! I'm thinking of using only 5sts in work at the start, instead of 10, so there'd be more short rows in each wedge, and they'd start closer to the band....but then there might still be that bit of a fold, so maybe do the short rows all the way to the edge...(I guess I don't really want a 'tam' but just a slouchy hat! LOL)

  2. I tried to make it slouchier by keeping 5 needles in work at the edge, instead of 10. What happened is that there were now more rows for each wedge and when I joined it to the band, it was TOO pouffy around the a shower cap! LOL. I have to figure out how to keep the same number of rows per wedge, but start with more sts...

  3. My thoughts on making it slouchier was to extend the wedge lenthwise. But now that I say that I'm thinking it will create the same shower cap effect. We'll have to keep brain storming and see what we can come up with.