Monday, November 22, 2010

My Dream Setup

I now have set up as of tonight a standard knitting machine and ribber and a bulky knitting machine and ribber.  Yahoo!  This is my dream setup.  I just set up the bulky and ribber tonight.

The standard is a Studio 700 with a SRP 60N ribber.  This is working great thanks to my friend Julia coming over and adjusting my ribber to meet the knitting machine.

The bulky is a Toyota 650 with a Toyota KR350 ribber.  First thing I noticed is the ribber needs a new sponge bar.  Why I didn't know ribbers had sponge bars I don't know.  Sounds common sense now, but up until a few weeks ago didn't even occur to me.

Update:  SRP 60N ribbers do not have sponge bars.  They have a solid plastic bar.  Thanks Monique for clearing that up and making me investigate further.

What is neat is the bulky came with a tilt stand.  I've always thought I'd prefer that, but didn't have one so didn't know.  Now I'll get to decide whether I like the knitting machine flat rather than tilted toward the back.  Working with the standard not on a tilt stand I found out it didn't really bother me as much as I thought it would. 

I also have an extra Studio 700 and Toyota 650 knitting machines.  These are my traveling machines.  I go to a machine knitting class twice a month and I enjoy bringing my machines.  One or the other never both.  I learn better when I'm doing.  Rather than just watching and taking notes I can do the pattern and ask questions.

I got the 2 extra machines for 2 reasons.  One I really don't want to take my knitting machine a part from the ribber twice a month.  Also one of the gals at the meeting said she had her machine damaged in transit.  Someone how the innards shifted.  I could see a machine shifting around in a car possibly making this happen.  So, I wanted a cheap machine that I could travel with and if it got damaged I wouldn't be broken hearted.  I'm careful to make sure it's sitting flat and doesn't move around in the back of my car.  So, hoping my traveling machines hold up.

Also these 2 extra machines are an integral part of my evil machine knitting plan. :D


  1. Well, your SRP-60N doesn't require a sponge bar, so that's probably why you thought that. Great set-up and really nice that you have stands for each. Really saves space over tables.

  2. Do you still have this setup? I've been looking for a KR350 ribber to go with my KS650 and I came upon your picture here.