Monday, November 8, 2010

My Evil Machine Knitting Plan In Full Swing!

Some of you may recall my evil plan to convert teenagers into machine knitters.  My plan involved luring them in to make hats for their "Caring for Cancer Patients" group (CCP).

Well, Sunday was the first day I got the group over.  It was a meager showing of 3 members.  Honestly, it was a nice size with which to start.  I don't know how many members the group has, but my hope is this start up group will tell the others how much fun they had.  My plan was to not only get the group acquainted with knitting machines, but to feed them yummy food too.

I set up my 2 KS 650 Bulky Toyotas.  Not only are bulky needles easy to see, but my KS 650 bulkys are just easy to use.  I week before our meeting my husband said, "Is Julia coming over?"  Julia is my friend that taught me to machine knit.  I thought what a great idea to have another adult here who knows how to run a knitting machine.  I called up Julia and asked her if she would come and she said, "Yes.  Do you need me to bring a machine?  How about some yarn?"  What a great friend!

Diana the leader of the CCP asked if I needed any money to buy yarn.  I have been given yarn and have bought some very cheaply over the past year.  I decided to let the CCP group have a yarn donation with which to begin.

Julia and I taught the girls how to e-wrap, knit, how to transfer stitches, how to pull the live stitches off on a long yarn tail, and how to sew up the side seam.  My daughter has done a little machine knitting, but the other 2 girls have not done any knitting or crocheting.  They all learned very quickly.  The girls were all amazed at how quickly they could knit up something that looked so beautiful.

At one point the girls had gain more confidence and the carriages on both machines were moving back and forth at a nice clip.  The sounds of both knitting machines in work was music to my ears.

Diana the group leader was in Pennsylvania over the weekend and came home just in time to see the girls handy work.  She was so proud.  One of the gals in the group suggested on several occasions we should get together every 2 weeks to knit hats.

My only comment to that is "Bwah hahahahahaha.  My evil plan was successful!"  We made a date to meet up again during Thanksgiving week.

PS.  I made a yummy appetizer called Chile Relleno Bites.   SO GOOD!

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  1. I love your evil little plan! I agree. Julia is a great friend. I wish I had a machine knitting friend. I love all your fun pictures. Please keep them coming.