Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 3 "25 Days of Diana"

I just got through untangling the biggest rat's nest from my ribber and knitting machine.  OH MY GOSH!  I couldn't even move my carriage off the needles.  After using my tools and removing the yarn from the needles was I able to move the needles enough to get the carriage off the machine and really work on untangling the yarn.  Whew.

I finished the hat part of the Tam and everything went smoothly.  First hat was definitely good practice.  The hat band is another story.  Going to begin band number 3.  I think it's a whole tension thing.  The zero tension is too tight for this yarn.

OK this yarn is just a pain in the butt on the standard.  Even  tension 6 was tight.  I don't know what this band is going to look like.  One thing about the ribber is your knitting is a surprise.  I knitted 16 rows and just hoped and prayed it was doing OK.  Without a ribber I can catch mistakes early and fix them.  My ribbed band may be a big mess, but I won't know for a while yet.

Which brings me to the double eyed needle.  I just LOVE it.  A couple came with my machine, but I didn't use it.  Since setting up the ribber I decided to get it out.  Wow it sure makes life easy.
Another thing I did today was provided a Orthodontic treatments to my machine weights.  When I got them their teeth were bent.  Some weights more than others.  I always have trouble getting them to hook on.  Well used my one eye transfer knitting tool probably not smart as I was a little afraid I'd break it, but it worked great straightening the teeth on my weights.  What really amazed me was how much easier the weights hooked on to my knitting.  I can't believe I let myself suffer for so long knowing the teeth were crooked.

Well, once the ribber came down the band was not so good.  Mainly, because of my choice of yarn.  I picked a cotton yarn that matched the Tam I made.  I ran out of yarn at the end of the 6th wedge.  The cotton yarn made a very stiff scratchy band.  Not something one wants on their head.

I'm done knitting today.  Very successful though.  I got another Tam done easily. I straighten the snaggle teeth of my weights.  And I caught up on my Glee episodes on

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