Sunday, January 3, 2010

Swirl Round Baby Blanket Number 3

And darn it if I didn't forget to do something I decided yesterday would be very important when I share my projects... measure the diameter! Well, I gave it away and don't know if I'll get a measurement of it. Giving it away was even anticlimactic the little 2 year old cousin was at home with her sick mommy. The flu is going through their house. Poor honeys. Any how I decided to pull it out of it's gift bag and show every one at the party any ways. So, I did have fun showing it off.
I made this on my Toyota KS650 bulky machine on a tension of 6. I used Sensations Rainbow Classic in the Bright Multi Rainbow Classic, which I bought at JoAnns. I used about 1 1/2 of the 2 11 ounces skeins I bought. I just loved the color of this yarn and wanted to do something with it. Then it hit me a blanket for a 2 year old girl. This yarn is a bulky 5, but knitted up beautifully on my machine. I find my bulky Toyota to be such and easy machine. It's not fussy with yarns like my standard.
Now my opinion of using a variegated yarn and using just one color... I wasn't terribly fond of it. It didn't quite have the umph that my red and white one has or even the blue and brown one. Oh it's beautiful and loved giving it as a gift, but I think using 2 or three completely different colors on this pattern would show off the swirl better.

I used the 60 needles as Diana says in her video and it took me probably about 4 hours to complete it.

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