Saturday, January 16, 2010


Interesting edging to try called a Mock Cable Edging.  Check out link to see it at the original site with pictures.

Forms a spiral, non-curling edge that is worked along vertical sides as you knit.

CO (closed method) the number of sts called for in pattern. COR. Knit 1 row. COL.

Transfer 4th and 5th stitches on both sides to adjacent needles and put those needles in NWP. Keep all other needles in WP.

Work 6 rows.

From the back of the knitting, insert the latch tool under the first “rung” of the ladder of stitches to the front of your work (facing you) and catch the top rung.

Pull the rung all the way down and around the edge stitches. Place it on needle #3 from side edge. There will now be 2 sts on the one needle.

Here’s what the two stitches on needle 3 will look like. Put needles #1,2.3 and 6,7,8 in FWP and knit 6 rows. COL.

Insert the latch tool under the rung of row #13 (which includes the first set-up row) and catch the top rung.

Bring the rung down, around and hook it on needle #3 as above.

Cont from * for total length of piece, ending on 6th row. K 1 R. Bind off.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this!
    I have been asked to knit some baby blankets for fund raising, but couldn't think of a good edge to replace the icord!
    You've saved the day - and helped raise a lot of money for charity by posting this.
    I'll be sure to credit you with the link.
    Are you on Ravelry`?