Friday, January 8, 2010

Stitch n' Ride Update

Just spoke to a gal at the Capital Corridor Train and she said she just read an article written regarding what I was asking. She read it off quickly (wouldn't read it again) and what I heard was that there is not going to be a dedicated train this year, but they will offer special fares all four days of Stitches West (February 25-28).

She said they'll be updating their website soon. Check Click on the "Fares and Tickets" tab then click on "Promotions." It wasn't update just now while I had her on the phone. She said check back in about a week. You can click here for a direct link.

My first thought was WELL POOH!  I finally find out about this fun trip and they essentially discontinue it.  The first year it started 5 years ago they had 1 car and less than fifty people.  Last year they nearly 500 people.  They said the ridership had increased every year and they looked forward to the next year.  The write up she read to me made it sound like there wasn't enough riders to offer the special train anymore.  I'm a little disappointed.

I suppose we could arrange our own group and get on the train using the special fare.  Still would be a lot of fun.  It was awfully convenient to crochet all the way to Santa Clara rather than drive.

For schedules, fares, trip-planning and train status call 1-877-9-RIDECC (1-877-974-3322)

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