Thursday, December 31, 2009

Allison's First Machine Knit Anything

My daughter wanted to knit her friend a hat for Christmas. She picked out a camouflage like yarn. They are in ROTC together I think that is the reason for the choice. Plus she said her friend liked green.
We cast on and started knitting everything was fine. Then my daughter decided to really knit fast. Back and forth she slid the carriage. Zip, zip, zip was the sound of the carriage. I suggested she slow down, but I'm just her mom what do I know. Then we found out why going slowly would be a good idea. Something didn't knit right about.... 20 rows ago. After examination I decided it would be easier to unravel the whole thing and start over. Easier and faster that is. It went pretty quickly and my daughter seemed to enjoy unraveling the knitting. Again listening to the zip, zip, zip of each row unraveling.

We casted on and she took off knitting again. This time at a slower pace. I taught her to just keep and eye on the knitting. After each row make sure things look like they've knitted correctly before starting the next row. Once one gets more experienced the faster one can go. After about 50 rows she wondered how many more rows. I told her she was almost done. She couldn't believe how fast it was going. Everything went correctly the 2nd time and in about 20 minutes she had a knitted hat. 15 minutes later the hand work was done and hat was ready to wear. While I did the hand work she prepared the pom pom. That's one thing she said the hat had to have....a pom pom.

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