Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Machine Knit Slipper

This took my about an hour last night to make. It was something new to me. I've always wanted to make socks, but have been too scared to try it...YET! After making the slipper I thought this is probably very similar to making a sock.

This is a lined slipper by Diana Sullivan. Again I watched her videos. I'm not sure I could have followed a written direction of this slipper. My knowledge of short rowing and such is very slim. Watching the video helped tremendously knowing when and where to add needles or take them out of work. Whether the needle was next to the carriage or away from it. Knowing whether to wrap the needle or not. ALL in the video.

She even has videos on how to finish the sock. If you don't know how to do the Kitchener Stitch or the Mattress Stitch check out her Beginner Machine Knitting Course. She teaches those stitches.

As for the finished slipper. The size in the video would be my size, but when all was said and done it's a size smaller. I did end up printing out the pattern after I was done. It has sizes for everyone. Also on the printed sheet the tension was looser. After talking to a more experienced machine knitter she said it would make a pretty good difference in the size. I will be making this again with the new tensions. I want a pair for at least myself before Christmas.

I must add a warning about knitting slippers just in case anyone doesn't know. My mom was a Visiting Nurse and she called knitted slippers "killer slippers." She called them that, because they are VERY slippery when worn. My teenage daughter stretch my little slipper over her size 9 feet and immediately started running and sliding around the kitchen on purpose. My mother saw many a broken hip due to knitted slippers.

If these are going to be worn on anything, but carpet consider getting something that would make them non-slip. I remember years ago something that one could squirt on. Maybe Aleene's made it. I don't remember. I'll have to do more research.

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  1. I love your blanket and your slippers! Excellent workmanship, and good for you, doing all that work to make it right when you decided that you didn't like the first color combination. A little stubbornness sure goes a long way in machine knitting!

    What I like to do to make slippers non-skid is scribble on the back with puff paint or even silicone seal. That will make them much safer if the person is going to walk around on hard floors with them.

    Diana Sullivan
    Austin, Texas