Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Always Something New To Try!

Needles of Steel's blog pointed me toward this fascinating pattern.  Yes it's in Russian, but the needle bed is shown and I think we machine knitters can figure it out.  There is a discussion and pattern on Ravelry that I missed as I spent the last few month practicing my hand knitting and crocheting.  Anxious to get back to machine knitting when I see beautiful pieces like this.


  1. This is a lot of fun, I want to make some more! Now I'm wondering if I could actually knit bubble wrap with it! :)

  2. ILynn
    I am working on the cactus fingerless glove that is on your blog the instructor was karalyn Rainey I do not know how to reach you or her but was wondering how she bond the thumbs. if she just latched off or did it someway so that there are no cut thre4ads
    thank you
    Sharon Snyder