Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Gossamer Tuck Lace and The Learning Curve

Believe it or not I have been doing some machine knitting, but mostly hand knitting.  I'm trying to become a better hand knitter in hopes it will help with my machine knitting.

I did do some machine knitting in December working on a pattern I thought was very similar to my favorite pattern of 2010, BUT uses the ribber.  In fact this pattern is on the same pattern sheet as my favorite pattern.  It is the pattern on the bottom of the sheet just not using the ribber.

The pattern Gossamer Tuck Lace is done on the Passap, but I found it very easy to translate to my Studio 155.  I worked up a swatch and LOVE LOVE LOVE the texture.
I did learn it needs a lot of weight and constant all across the knitting weight.  I had a lot of drop stitches and tucking that was wasn't getting... well... tucked.  I'm casting on with the cast on comb when I start the scarf. I was wondering how I was going to keep this weight going as every time I moved the weight up it was a pain in the butt and didn't work well.  Oddly, I get an email from I believe about my very problem. Tried to find a link to it and of course can't find it.  Anyhow what was done was to roll the knitting around cast on comb and rehang weights.  Keeps the constant weight across the whole piece without having to remove the cast on comb.
It also looked like I might need to adjust the tension to get my tuck to be the same size from main bed to ribber.  Although I kind of like the difference in the sizes as a design feature.


  1. Nice job there Lynne! Tuck lace is so much fun and the textures are amazing.

  2. your blog is very interesting to me as I am fond of machine knitting too, I will be glad to see you on pages of my posts

  3. You can tuck even with the ribber or do you have to make it manually?