Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Favorite Pattern of 2010

I made many variations of this pattern last December.  I made several of the original pattern.  I then cut the pattern in half and made a beautiful scarf for myself.  But for my mother I wanted to make more of a wrap.  So, I increased the needle pattern.  I wanted one to go around the shoulders, or over the head and around neck and shoulders.  It turned out just gorgeous.  First thing my mom did was wrap it around her head like a babushka.  It was adorable!

The pattern was given to me at my Tuesday machine knitting get together.  A gal at that meeting took notes during a class years ago on how to make this pattern.  I'm told it is a tuck like pattern.  This is done manually.  I wonder if someone can figure out a punch card for it.  One isn't really needed.  It is so simple to do.

I love the way this pattern makes this rolling hump texture through out the wrap.  The yarn I used for my mother's scarf was Amazing by Lion brand. It was the wildflower color. I used 3 skeins.

Click on picture below to get the pattern.  I had to clean up the copy I had which had notes written on it.  I then added the needle setting for the smaller scarf I made.  I made one mistake in that I didn't put the X marks showing which needles are pushed in and out of work.  Looking at the pattern above I think one can figure it out.  If not feel free to email me and I'd love to answer any questions.  For the larger pattern I did above I increased the pattern so that 7 needles were pushed in and pulled out for the pattern.

I typed out the upper pattern for translation programs.  It's the one I use and like. 

Mid-Gauge or Bulky Machine
Rectangle Scarf Using Fine Mohair Yarn
Needle Set-up
(see picture on blog for needle set-up)

If using a bulky machine, cast on and bind off with a rug latch tool. If using a Mid-Gauge machine cast on and bind off with a bulky latch tool.

Be sure to use lots of weight.

Cast on the above number of stitches, making a chain for each out of work needle.

Tension 8 or 10, Knit 2 rows. Set machine for hold. Pull needles marked with X forward to hold position.

Knit 6 rows. Take off hold, and push needles marked X back to work position (C).

Knit 2 rows over all working needles.

Continue in this manner for length required (approximately 354 rows), ending with Knit 2 rows over all working needles.

Bind off loosely making a chain for each out of work needle.

Smaller width scarf needle set-up

(see picture on blog for needle set-up)


  1. Vanda Hello I am sorry to bother you I can not copy to put into Italian can you tell me please how can I do? thanks CIAOOO

  2. hi, looking for your email address to discuss this pattern. please email me at bj4crafts at hotmail dot com. thanks, BJ

  3. HI Lynne
    nice photos and colors of the scarf you made for your mother. Still trying to figure out how to do (have USM) and what yarn you used.
    Lynn D

  4. The yarn I used for my mother's scarf was Amazing by Lion brand. It was the wildflower color. I used 3 skeins.

  5. Thank you for sharing this pattern. I love it!

  6. Do you know if this stitch can be done with hand knitting?

    1. I don't know how to hand knit well enough to tell you. I'm told though that anything machine knit can be hand knit. It would be a pattern where you'd knit 3 stitches some how skip the out of work stitches for 6 rows then do a row where you grab those bars of knitting to pull them back into knitting. Then start again from the beginning. I just don't know how one skips those stitches, but I've seen hand knitting where it's done.

  7. Lynne, feel free to tell me to go away, but I am a neo-novice and just purchased a machine. I want to make your scarf but don't know how to read the pattern. On your diagram what do the "1" and the ".." signify. You say to cast on 55 stiches. If you have a chance can you help a beginner out please? Thanks, Stephen

    1. The "1" indicates a needle in work. The dots are needles out of work.

  8. Card 3 on a Knitmaster - then every other needle in work. . . . It works and looks like the scarf / shawl :)