Monday, February 21, 2011


I had a great time at Stitches West this year for a completely different reason than previous years.  This year I volunteered in the Machine Knitting Guild of the San Francisco Bay Area Booth.  We had nothing to sell.  We were hoping to get more people to join the guild.  It was a day to encourage people to pull their knitting machines out from under their beds.  It was a day to let people know there is support for machine knitters.  It was a day to let people know there was such a thing as machine knitting.  We got many people interested in machine knitting and the guild.  Hope we see them all at the March meeting.

(Julia, Lynne and Chrys)

I had a great time with my fellow booth mates Julia and Chrys.  Each of us took a turn at the knitting machine during our 2 hour time slot.  Julia demonstrated 2 color knitting and cables.  Chrys demonstrated making a purl stitch and moving stitches to other needles to create lacy designs.  I demonstrated my favorite pattern of the year Idiot's Delight.  It made a beautiful swatch using the purple yarn.

During my 2 hours there the most asked about project was.... my mohair scarf that I had worn to Stitches.  There were many different garments there that I was in awe of and my simple mohair scarf stole the show.

Side Note:  At the March mtg of the guild 9 new people came to enjoy the meeting.

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