Saturday, February 26, 2011

Electric Yarn Winder... Yes or No?

When purchasing used knitting machines I've found that a yarn winder of some type will be thrown into the deal.  I have been given 3 small yarn winders, 1 jumbo yarn winder and now one electric yarn winder.  I bought my jumbo yarn winder before I got one with a knitting machine I purchased.  I gave it to a friend who was learning to knit and crochet.

The mini winders are hanging around unused.  Recently I was given a Simet electric yarn winder.   I have the manual jumbo yarn winder and I LOVE IT! If it were legal in the state of California... why yes I would marry it. :D  I love winding yarn on it almost as much as I love knitting the item I'm winding it for.  I find it so relaxing.  It works great I don't have any problems and I get these great center pull balls perfect for my machine knitting.

I was intrigued with the electric winder.  I knew already it wouldn't wind a ball as big as the jumbo winder.  Quite frankly I thought of selling it without trying it.  That's how useless I thought it would be in my life.  I knew it couldn't interfere with my love affair with the jumbo winder.  So, I got to thinking if I'm going to sell it I better make sure it actually works.

I got a skein of yarn I need for making another cupcake hat.  I hooked up the yarn and turned on the machine.  It work great, but didn't wind the whole skein of yarn.  The winder wasn't big enough.  I wound the extra bit of yarn around the outside of the ball.

Then I thought I have some sock yarn.  The skeins are pretty small.  They should be the perfect size for this electric winder.

I found the electric yarn winder to be nerve racking.  One little knot, loop, or twist and the machine jams.  No time to catch it and fix it like a manual winder.  After about 15 tries with the sock yarn and all similar results I gave up.  Also my son came into the kitchen to ask me why I needed so many pencils sharpened I've decided to stick with my Royal Jumbo Yarn Winder.


  1. I have electric yarn winder that I paid a couple of $$$$ for that throws balls of yarn all over my knitting room, so it sits on the shelf abandoned. I won't sell it because it is so hard to use & won't use it for the same reason. I completely understand how you feel. Sheryl

    1. hi, maybe I can buy it, let me know

  2. That's a cute little winder. It might be good for someone with limited mobility in the shoulders/elbows who find handwinders difficult.
    I have an electric winder that I paid $1 for at a yardsale. It old, and German (I can't remember, it does say where it was made). I can't put cones on it (maybe I could...) but it makes adorable little cakes that I can pull from the center. However, I do have to keep one hand on the yarn and one on the switch in case of knots, and it doens't do slippery yarns (I've had a few shoot off across the room too!). It doesn't do large balls (about 50grams of whatever yarn is the maximum). I have a cone winder (they aren't "cones" like the big cardboard cones that come in coned yarn), and I use it if I'm using the yarn right away for the machines, but I still love my electric winder for balls that don't need a cone.

  3. hmmm, well i used to use one of these simets at the store i taught at and loved it. not sure why yours does this. the one in the store was a little lager - in white and it made prefect little cakes.
    i have been looking for one for myself for years and just missed out buying one on ebay -
    any chance you'd consider selling me this one?
    hey, i'll even thank you in my next book THE BOYFRIEND SWEATER - being published by potter craft in 2012.

  4. Do you know, is there any possibility to buy that Simet's wool winder anywhere? Looking, but cannot find..