Monday, June 14, 2010

June MKGSFBA Meeting and Sale

June's Machine Knitter's Guild of the San Francisco Bay Area meeting was mostly a sale.  Anyone in the guild was free to bring in anything they wanted to get rid of.  Most brought in from their own stash.  Some brought in estate machine knitting supplies.  One gal owns a store and brought in items for sale.  She demonstrated a new and really handy garter bar on the market.
I didn't buy much as I had purchased a bulky machine and ribber a few weeks before I knew about this sale.  I needed to watch my budget.  I did buy some blank pattern cards and a punch.  I also picked up a few Machine Knitting magazines. 
As you can see from the pictures there was a lot of stuff to choose from.  Anything from yarn to machines to manuals and stands.  You could have easily spent a lot of money that day.

This being the last meeting of the fiscal year it was decided to have a catered lunch after the sale.  I wish I would have taken pictures of the food.  The gal that catered it did such a nice job.  She's done it before and knows the kitchen and the limitations.  So, she prepared mostly a cold lunch.  She made beautiful sandwiches, laid out a gorgeous salad and even made a vegetable stir fry.  For dessert she had a delicious cake that was decorated with kiwi slices and strawberries on whipped cream frosting.  A delicious end to a fun day.

The new year of meetings begin in September.  I'm having a great time with these talented ladies and look forward to more meetings.

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