Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Madness Has Been Pinpointed....I Think

Still working on the "EZ" Entrelac.  I think I've found out all my problems happen when I'm doing the 2 triangles and 3 rectangles row.  It starts on the left and makes it way right.  So, everything I'm doing is done left handed or should be.  I'm doing it right handed, because I'm... well... right handed.  The stitches are more difficult to pick up right handed this way.  I keep getting the carriage parked on the wrong side.  It should be on the left, but I find it on the right a good deal of the time.  Then I have to figure out which row did I start making that mistake.  More unraveling.  Next thing I know I find a stitch hung on the 11th needle in a 10 needle only pattern.  More unraveling when did that wayward stitch get hung up.  Oh my goodness I'm so aggravated right now.  It only spurs me on though.  I won't let not being left handed conqueor me.  Because when the pattern is moving in the opposite direction it's a breeze being right handed.  So, I guess no matter what handed we are we'll all have to work harder in one direction or the other.
Last night my teenage daughter was manhandling looking at my work and I said, "Be careful I have a pin in it holding a loose stitch."  She asked, "Why?"  I explained, "On the 2nd rectangle some how I missed a stitch."  She says quizzically, "One stitch?"  I said, "Yes."  She says sarcastically, "Really mom just one stitch?!"  I respond a bit offended (is she bad mouthing my project or accusing me of lying), "Yes, just one stitch!"  She says, "Oh really mom you've only missed one stitch in your entire life?"  Now I know what she's really asking and I laugh and say, "Oh no I've missed many stitches over the years.  Just one in this project."  She laughs and says, "Oh that's better I was wondering why you were up on that high horse.  I thought I was going to have to knock you off."  I laughed again and turned back to my computer.  I kept smiling, because my little girl is growing up.  She responded like one of my girlfriends would if we were talking about knitting and they thought I was boasting.