Saturday, August 1, 2009

July's Machine Knitting Meeting

This is a new group I just joined. It is a well established group and there are about 20 women in the group. Lots of experience in machine knitting in this group as 17 of the gals are over 60 years old. 3 including me are under 50 and we three are about the same age. I have admit that one of the 3 under 50's has a lot of experience as well. She's been machine knitting for about 30 years. Quite a lot of the ladies in this group also hand knit. I suppose I'll probably learn more about hand knitting some day. Quite a few gals machine knit and then finish their item or garmet by hand knitting or crocheting. This month there were 2 gorgeous hats. They were hand knit, but could be easily done on a knitting machine. I wanted to remember what they looked like. I wanted a reminder to be more creative when making my hats.

The above hat had two rows of the ladder yarn for lack of a better name weaved in. I was surprised that only 2 rows made such a beautiful fluffy ring.
This hat had some beading, which can also be done on a knitting machine. I just loved the fuzzy brim though. Again something I'd like to try.

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  1. Those are really cool hats. I love the red one.

    So what are you knitting on your machine?