Monday, July 20, 2009

Sheep Shearing Not Too Different From Poodle Grooming

I took this video of sheep shearing back in the spring, but it's been stuck on my camera since then. My husband's computer wouldn't download it. To my great surprise my new laptop took it right off no problem. So, here it is.

What I found amazing was the speed at which one with experience can shear a sheep. This guy could do a whole sheep in less than 5 minutes. My husband says it takes 3 hours to shear our poodle. He needs to watch this video and get some pointers.

It also amazed me how the sheep reacted just like a poodle being groomed. The sheep looked over at me with pleading eyes "Please help me!" Then there was the half hearted struggle in the middle of the grooming just like a poodle. Then resignation that the grooming was going to occur with or without their cooperation.
Watch the sheep shearing.

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