Monday, August 24, 2009

Machine Knitting Stand Issues!

Here is the underside of my machine knitting stand. There are 2 round pads for the clamps inside the legs. My problem is that the space between my clamps is about 19 inches. The pads to the machine knitting stand is 18 inches. That one inch causes a huge problem. It was suggested that I use the ribber clamps as they are in a different places as the bottom clamps.

But as one can see the ribber clamp spot is exactly lined up with the slot for the bottom clamps. All three of my machines are too large for this stand. In the immortal words of my husband, "I'm screwed!" hahaha OK I just need a larger stand. I have used a tilt stand at my Machine Knitting friend's house that works great with my bulky so I know it would work with all my machines. Now I either need to find another stand online, which is proving to be challenging. Or figure out a way to beg, borrow, buy or otherwise wheedle the tilt stand from my friend. hahaha Are you reading this Julia? Don't want to tip you off to my evil plan.

I found a tilt stand on ebay, but when I asked the seller to measure the distance between the legs they sent me a link on how to set up a knit stand. OK thank you that could be helpful if one didn't know that. What I really need is for you to get a yard stick and walk over to the tilt stand and measure the distance between the legs as I asked for to begin with. No response to 2nd query. I guess they must have enough customers. The search goes on.

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  1. Well I hope by this time you have gotten a new stand my kx-350 is 24+" and my kh-531 is 17+" [put the + because there`s no half inch] I saw an article the other day where they bolted a piece of ply wood to an old ironing board, I just bought a"Task Force"adjustable word bench two boards suppose to go on top and adjust, I did not install those boards, I got a 24x48" piece of 1/2 plywood, stapled some batting and material over it so the yarn would not catch ,screwed it to the brackets & whoopee!!!