Thursday, June 18, 2015

Having Fun Learning How to Use My Brother KH 270

This week's lesson was learning how to do an "open tuck stitch pattern."  I saw this pattern on CCKITTENKNITS blog in January.  Thought it was nice.  It wasn't until Bonnie brought the project to our guild meeting that I saw it in person and thought "I have to make that."  She and I worked to get it setup on her machine.  She working the electronics of her bulky and me consulting on proper needle setup.  She was off and knitting and made a gorgeous cowl.

I got my electronic bulky and decided to bring it to our guild meeting this month.  Bonnie helped me read my manual and taught me how to set up my machine for open tuck.  I think because of my previous experience with her making this I was off and running quickly.  Next thing I knew I had made my first cowl.  One of the guild members had to take my picture in the cowl as she wanted to make one herself.  She sent me the photo.  She was making me laugh telling me how much she loved my smile.  What a great compliment.

Denim blue Woolike from Michaels
To seam my cowl I rehung the beginning ewrapped stitches on the needles.  I used the pattern of the needle set up to help me figure out which stitches to hang.  I then did a simple latch tool bind off.  I figured it would be just as easy to do this as to whip stitch it later and it was.

Charcoal Woolike from Michaels
Second cowl I made in the Charcoal gray.  My daughter had asked for a light weight scarf and I thought this just might fit the bill.  She loved it.

The Woolike yarn from Michaels was on sale when I bought it for $2 a skein.  It's turned out to be quite a bargain for such a soft, cozy and easy to work with yarn.  Big thank you to cckittenknits for this beautiful cowl pattern.  Cckittenknits shares a story on her blog regarding the making of one of these open tuck cowls and it's a fun read for machine knitters.