Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sweater Pattern Possible Conversion

I love this sweater set and wondered how I could make it on my knitting machine.  It has matching everything hat, sweater, gloves, socks and cellphone holder.

Or is it the hunky father and son in the picture that's attracting me?


  1. I have found that most hand knit patterns, one of the gauges will match but not the other. Something that you can do is try out Jim's Knitting Companion, I have a page with photos and a small video on how to use that program. You do need to get your swatch knitted up and measure your gauge, then you put in the original gauge on the top box, your gauge in the center and then the bottom box you choose which of the options to convert from original to yours, you will have to do all numbers one at a time and write it down someplace, I put notes on the original printed up pattern.

  2. Hi Lynne - I'm in such a knitting rut! I can't seem to either finish or get started on anything interesting. I think it's this heat! Anyway, I do think this is a very cute set. I have a book called Sweaters 101, I'd lend it to you, but I bought the digital copy. It walks you through setting your gauge and walks you through different sleeves etc. I'll bring some stuff to the next meeting if you want. I also found a design program from Great Knit Designs. Each program is about $30 and you buy just what you want. (Sweaters, skirts and shawls, or basics) I haven't played around with it much....remember the rut. I'd also be willing to meet up with you before the next meeting. Hope this helps. Erica