Friday, March 18, 2011

Speed Ripping on the Knitting Machine

My jaw just hung open when I watched Diana's video.  I've needed to rip back so many times mainly, because of my perfectionist streak.  I've even taken a project off the needles on waste yarn to rip it back at home, so my fellow machine knitters wouldn't see what a nit picker I am.  The project I speak of is a bag that we had made a mistake on the handle portion.  The teacher said just do the same thing on the other side and all will be well.  Yes, it would have been, but I didn't like it.  I liked the pattern and wanted mine to look like the pattern.  Yes, my bag does look like the pattern and I love it.  Speed ripping would have been a life saver that day.  The thought of ripping back about 15 rows seemed impossible at the time.  At home I took my time and undid every stitch.  I'm going to try Diana's speed ripping technique.

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