Friday, December 12, 2014

Machine Knitted Wreath

This was a free hand knitted pattern and I wanted to do it on my machine.  I just loved the colors of the yarn. The pattern called for a garter stitch sections.  I used my garter bar to flip the knitting when I got to that section.  Mine has the texture of the purl side in place of the garter stitch section.

After I got it knitted it took a lot of thinking to turn it into a good looking wreath. I didn't like it stuffed with just filling too floppy and soft.  I got 3" Styrofoam balls and loved the firmer look, but the whole thing was still floppy and hung in an oval on the wall.  My wreath measures 15 1/2 inches.  I got some metal wreath frames, but one was too big and the other was too small.  Thought I might have to make my own metal ring.
I finally thought if I tie some ribbon firmly between the Styrofoam joints it might tighten up the wreath and get rid of the saggy floppy look.  It did just that.  I found keeping the bows small I like it.  It looks cute.  It's finally on my wall and a part of my Christmas decorations.
I got a poinsettia that I liked.  Disassembled and reassembled it a bit to meet my needs.  Then made a big bow to back it and my wreath was done.


  1. What a great idea, can't wait to try this out!!!

  2. Hoe long does it take to knit using a machine compared to doing it by hand? I love how it turned out!

    1. Took me less than an hour to machine knit. As with most knit projects the sewing it up and such takes much longer.