Friday, July 26, 2013

Very Berry Ripple Top

OK got the top done!!  Sewing it together was a breeze.  It fits perfectly and I really like it.  Of course there are a few things I'd change if and when I make another.  I'd like it a bit longer.  I'd like the top ripple to not be quite as revealing as it is.  Being a proper lady (snicker snort) I don't like that one's bra is very visible.  So, I wear a nude colored tank under it. 
 Dear daughter asked me to pose like a model.  Well, shoot I need more practice.
I don't know how she got this shot, but I think it's kind of neat that the top is in focus.


  1. That looks so pretty. I love the color. ;-)

  2. Pop it with a colored tank & live on the edge! its beautiful

  3. I love it. Where did you get the pattern?
    Thanks for sharing