Monday, April 29, 2013

Linda Jensen Goes PDF!

One of my favorite machine knit pattern writers is going PDF.  I don't mean "pretty darn fast," but that's what it will mean to us machine knitters.  We can now buy one of her patterns and download right now.  In the past you'd buy a pattern and she'd mail you a beautifully printed pattern (when she wasn't on vacation.)  When some of my fellow machine knitters wanted a pattern and I'd say, "Go to her Etsy site, pay for the pattern and she'll mail it to you."  The response would be "WHAT?!  I can't download it right now?"  Honestly, I don't know why it was such a big deal as I have several of her patterns and all were mailed.  Snail mail doesn't take that long.

I guess in this day and age of computers instant gratification runs rampant and one has to adjust.  I think this will be beneficial for all.  We can get a pattern as quickly as it takes our printer to print one out and hopefully she'll get more sales.

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  1. The reason I prefer PDF is because I don't have to store paper and I don't feel guilty about the trees. Additionally I have my patterns all stored on an external drive and a backup drive. I always know where they are and can import them to my iPad or computer whenever I am ready for them.