Monday, March 4, 2013

Fingerless Gloves by Karalyn

Karalyn Rainey came to visit our guild (MKGSFBA) last month and had wonderful projects to teach.  I loved her enthusiasm for machine knitting.  When there were left over patterns I asked if she minded if I shared them with the Sacramento Guild (SMKG).  She said, "No, I love to share."  After I got back to Sacramento and started sharing everyone loved the patterns.  I started getting emails for me to share the patterns.  I felt I should check with Karalyn one more time.  Sharing here in Sacramento is one thing, but putting it on the internet just seemed like something I wanted permission for.  She emailed me back, "Hi, it's fine please share my patterns they are free to all, I just want people to knit and share our love of machine knitting with everyone."  I think I love you Karalyn!  That's exactly what I like to do.  I like empowering machine knitters of all levels with patterns they can be successful with.  Nothing makes one want to knit more than getting a project done that they are proud of.

Here is a picture of Karalyn's fingerless glove on my hand.  Back of glove.  Can you believe she does this on a bulky knitting machine?!

Here is my glove using the double gate peg bind off for more stretch for the fingers.  Bonnie found out that the bind off where the glove goes around your hand is a little tight for her liking.  She felt her fingers were confined.  I tried them on and could see why it would be bothersome.  I didn't mind, but I think my daughter wouldn't like it either.  Carolyn from our guild had an idea to bind off around 2 gate pegs.  I did this on my glove and it does give a stretchier edge.

Cabling requires some concentration for me.  There are a couple places where I've gone wrong.  I've added cheat sheet notes on my pattern to keep me straight.

Here is the pair she gave to our guild member Bonnie.  Bonnie experimented with doing a Bickford seam on the side.  The seams looked great.  Now to weave in the ends.  The Bickford seams create the flattest seams frequently used for socks done on a flat bed machine.  Several tutorials on how to do this online.  One here done by Marg Coe.  Another one here at Knittsings.

Here is Bonnie's glove just getting past the thumbs.  Cable looking beautiful.
Here's my glove off the machine.  See why Karalyn calls it the Cactus glove?
Without further adieu here is Karalyn's pattern.

Cactus Fingerless Glove
Instructor, Karalyn Rainey

Bulky Machine
Tension 6
Lion Brand Wool-Ease 2ozs.

Left Hand
Chain cast on 27 sts (LI3-RI4)
If you are putting a cable, knit 2 rows and twist the first cable
Cable needles are right needles 5,6,7,8, after the first twist you are going
to twist the cable every 4 rows
Knit to row 26 twisting the cable every 4 rows
On row 26 start increasing on both sides every other row (EOR) by
moving one st out and filling up the empty needle with the heal of the
inside st

Continue increasing to row 38 you now have increased 6 sts on each side
COR set the machine to hold, put all st except the 6 st on the right to
hold, knit 7 rows on those 6 st, RC46, bind off, move carriage to the left
COL put the 6 st on the left to work knit 7 rows, bind off
You should only have 27 st left, knit 13 rows don't forget to twist your
cable while you are knitting the 13 rows, bind off

Right Hand
You are going to make another one just like the one you did except cast
on 27 st (L14-R13) and the cable needles are going to be on the
Left side, left needles 5,6,7,8.

Sew up the side seam and the thumb seam.
If you haven't seen the flat seam that we do on the flat sock you need to
have me show you that seam it looks great on the fingerless glove!


  1. Thank you so much I appreciate your time a gift of a pattern to me.
    Mary Hampton

  2. Thank you so much for sharing. I love sharing as well. I joined Knit It Now but their shared patterns are so limited and you have to buy most things. This is a wonderful site.

  3. These are so lovely and the color scheme reminds me of some of my favorite colors from lucy's blog...
    Faux Fur Fingerless Gloves

  4. I am struggling along with tnis pattern. I am a hand knitter and I just got my machine out of the garage. It is a Studio 150. I am learning to use the machine and this pattern has really helped. It is easy to follow and I am learning to understand the abbreviations. Thank you for sharing this with all of us!!!!!

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing your pattern I am fairly new to machine knitting and have been looking for a Handwarmer pattern.

  6. I love this fingerless glove pattern so far made 2 pair but I don't know the flat seam stitch?
    How can I find out how to do this stitch.