Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Estate Sale

One of our beloved machine knitters passed away about a month ago.  She was a very experienced and knowledgeable machine knitter and seamstress.  Her husband was SO wonderful and drove her to the machine knitting meetings even after she had a small stroke and didn't want to come.  He knew once she was there she'd enjoy visiting with the gang.  She seemed to enjoy herself and I know we all really enjoyed her.

It's time now to clear out all the craft items.  Her husband along with the assistance of a few members of the Sacramento Machine Knitter's Guild is putting on an Estate Sale.  Info is below.  If you live in the Sacramento, California area you'll want to stop by and see what he's got.
Estate Sale

April 28th, 8 A.M.-3 P.M.

4420 Coffee Lane, Sacramento

(Close to Madison Ave., Date Ave. and Hwy. 80)

Items for sale

Knitting Machines (Studio, Brother, Standard, Bulky)

Ribbers (Studio, Brother, Standard, Bulky)

Knitting Machine Accessories (ie. Garter Carriage, Intarsia Carriage, Linker, Color Changer)

Machine Knitting Books

Machine Knitting Magazines

Yarn Winders

Punch Cards


Sewing Machines


Sewing Machine Parts

Dress Forms

Thread (Spools for Sewing Machines and Sergers)

Miscellaneous Household Items and much much more.

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