Monday, April 18, 2011

What Am I Working On

I found 2 adorable ruffled purses on Ravelry.  Fortunately, one listed the pattern and the pattern was easy to find.  It is in Knitwords Winter 2009 #51 the Felt Like Ruffles pattern.

I started reading through the pattern and was completely confused, but how to get started.  I consulted my experienced machine knitter friend Julia and she was able to walk me through it and get me started.  Once I got going the directions made much more sense.  The ruffle detail takes some concentration as you've got two details you're working on.  One is the tuck to make the ruffled look.  The other is the eyelets to give it a lacy flower like look.  So, I'm moving 4 needles in and out every 4 rows.  I'm then also making eyelets on rows 5, 7, and 9.  This goes on for a total of 12 rows.  I did 5 ruffles per side and 10 in all.  I was an expert by the end.  The first 2 or 3 I got a little confused.  Where was I on the 3 row tuck?  Am I doing eyelets now?  Which needles do I do eyelets on according to the chart?

I did this on my Toyota KS 650 bulky machine.  Pattern does not use a ribber.  Pattern says the level is for a beginner, but I'd say an advanced beginner.

Reading a chart was a new experience to me.  I must say that I messed up on 2 ruffles and made a couple extra eyelets.  I didn't know what I was doing.  Quite frankly I was 12 plus rows past the mistake and didn't go back and correct them.  I did stop after I did it the 2nd time and take a minute to figure out what the heck was a doing.  What I was doing was adding extra eyelets.  On rows 5 and 9 one takes a stitch from either side and moves it to the middle.  On row 7 the middle row one takes one stitch and moves it.  I was doing what I did on rows 5 and 9 and moving 2 stitches.  OK I have a new design element.  Thought about doing it on the other side of purse too to make it match.  But I don't particularly like it and decided that will be the BACK of the bag. :)  I am doing this bag out of some cheaper Paton Classic Wool.  When I get some Noro Kureyon I'll be experienced.

I made one side on Friday and the other side on Saturday.  Today I'm going to take the time to sew up the side seams and weave in all the ends.  Next will be the felting.
blogger has rotated my picture.  Just turn your head and you'll get the idea.
To see this bag done in the Noro Kureyon check out this blog.  It is just gorgeous!

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