Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Purple Bunny for Easter

A lot has been going on in my Machine Knit world I just haven't been taking pictures of it.  So, finally thought I'd share this cute and easy project I made up last weekend.

This is a Knitted Bunny.  It was easily translated to the knitting machine.  All you need is a square of knitted material.  Some gals make these bunnys out of unneeded swatches.  I used my Toyota KS650 Bulky to make my square.  The yarn I used is some that was given to me.  It is probably sock weight.  I e- wrap cast on 35 stitches using tension 3 I knitted 65 rows.  This gave me almost a perfect square with which to work.

I steamed the square enough to get the curl out of it and then just followed the instructions on how to sew it up.  It's all in the sewing.

As I was making it I was dubious of how it was going to turn out, but as you can see it came out adorable.

I had some leftover buttons from a crochet project and decided my bunny needed eyes.

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  1. Hi,
    it looks great ! Lovely idea !
    greetings Stephani