Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Machine Knit Mystery Solved

Mystery solved by machine knitting guru Berda. She gave me the link to these 2 videos. The piece comes with the SRP-60N Ribber that I just purchased. I don't have a book for it, so I ordered one from ebay. In the below videos Susy Ranner demonstrates how to use what I think she's called the P-carriage used for pile knitting. If you want to get straight to the end product view the 2nd video. What I love about watching Susy is she is so genuine. She let's you see all the foibles and aggravation of being a machine knitter. AND you get to see the triumph of getting the end product you desire.

I've taken the 2 videos off the blog, because they both automatically play instead of giving one the option of clicking them for yourself. Please follow the links to the videos as they are very good and make you feel right at home with your knitting machine.

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